Endowment Fund

The Bon Air Baptist Church Endowment Fund provides a way for us to be good stewards of our possessions, to support the faith and ministries we love, and to be a blessing both now and beyond our lifetimes.

Why Do We Need an Endowment Fund?

Our church family is endowed with a heritage of faith, buildings, and organizations as well as a story of local, national, and international ministry that was entrusted to us by the generations before us. We have been trusted to carry on Christian stewardship with the gifts we’ve received.

Endowment Funds help our church do more than rely solely on the church’s ministry budget. They allow us to achieve goals and to meet needs beyond our budget. The Endowment Fund is not a crutch upon which the church leans, but is, instead, a way to help the church do more and reach even farther every year.

What are the Goals of the Endowment Fund?

  • Meet the present generation’s needs.
  • Preserve money to take care of future needs.

The present generation’s gifts will help our mission and vision thrive today as we provide a powerful witness to future generations about the need to be faithful stewards.

Our Mission: Proclaiming the Grace of God — Growing Followers of Christ

Our Vision: A Place to Belong...A Place to Become

How are the Funds Invested and Managed?

Contributions received into the fund grow, and part of the earnings are used for current ministry. The investment of the Endowment Fund is done by the Endowment Team through professional fund managers who provide expertise and estate planning ministries for the perpetual support for our church. Elected by the congregation, the Endowment Team uses their collective wisdom and experience to make investment decisions.

Where Do Gifts Go?

There are several ministry area funds within the Endowment Fund. Gifts may go to one of the ministry area funds or to an unrestricted fund. The Endowment Team makes distributions as needed to meet the needs of the church.

What are the Benefits of Contributing?

  • Contributions can help endow, perpetually, a ministry that has touched your life or that of your family and friends.
  • You can make an impact on the lives of others by funding a ministry so it can reach countless people in the years to come.

Additionally, there are income, gift, estate, or capital gains tax advantages.

We can put you and/or your attorney in touch with professionals who can discuss which gifts or bequests can be made in the most meaningful way to you, your family, and your church.

Who Can Contribute to the Endowment Fund?

Anyone, including members and non-members of Bon Air Baptist Church.

Can Small Amounts Be Contributed?


Do Contributions Count Toward the Budget Offering?

Gifts to the Endowment Fund are separate from gifts to support the daily work of the church through the annual ministry budget. Contributions shouldn’t compete with regular ministry budget offerings.

How Can I Contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute to the Endowment Fund. The most common are:
  • Cash donation beyond a regular offering
  • Gifts in memory of a loved one or friend
  • A life insurance policy naming the Endowment Fund as the beneficiary
  • A gift of retirement funds

How Can I Make a Cash Gift?

To make a cash gift, please make the check payable to Bon Air Baptist Church, and write “Endowment Fund” on the memo line.

How Can I Give Online?

You can also give to the Endowment Fund online through Pushpay at bonairbaptist.org/endowment.

Learn More

For more information about the Bon Air Baptist Church Endowment Fund, call us at 804.272.1475.