1. thumbnail Operation Christmas Child: Shoebox Collection It's that time again! Operation Christmas Child: Shoebox Collection time, that is! … Read more »
  2. thumbnail Chase the Pig: Pork Sale Chase the Pig: Pork Sale! … Read more »
  3. thumbnail Spring 2017 EHS This 8-week Emotionally Healthy Spirituality group meets on Tuesday morning. EHS groups were created to integrate your relationship with Jesus, your emotional health, and the practice of prayer. … Read more »
  4. thumbnail Evening Brew College dinner church at Buford Rd. Campus … Read more »
  5. thumbnail Women's Bible Study The Monday morning Women's Bible Study is studying Max Lucado's Traveling Light. Meets in room 348 from 9:30 - 11 a.m. Mary Wade is the facilitator. … Read more »
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