1. thumbnail iKIDS Starting Wednesday, September 10, our iKIDS are off on an adventure! We will discover how God's love is being spread.... Unit 1: Madagascar (Sept-Dec) Unit 2: Mexico (Jan-Feb) Unit 3: Mighty… Read more »
  2. thumbnail Let Your Hands Do The Talking Learn to communicate with deaf or hearing impaired using American Sign Language. … Read more »
  3. thumbnail Praying the News Get your coffee/coookie and pray the news from the Sunday paper! Read more »
  4. thumbnail Sew & Snow Are you looking for a simple yet meaningful activity for you and your kids now the holidays are over? Melt away the winter blues by sewing shorts for boys and pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa!… Read more »
  5. thumbnail Ash Wednesday Service Ash Wednesday Service of Worship … Read more »
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