Project 52 Prayer

In 2014, Our church will join together to pray together.  Each week at 11 am, our community will take time to pray.  If you are at work–pray.  At school–pray.  No matter where you are, we can join our God and our church together in prayer.

We will post the prayers here ahead of time in the Messenger and on our prayer blog:  

To learn more about the inspriation for this movement of prayer, please read the article in the December 2014 Spirit Magazine on our website here or watch a brief video clip here on our YouTube Channel.

If Thursday 11 am is a bad time for you, then that’s okay!  If you cannot pray at that time, we encourage you to find another time in your week and set it as the time to pray.

You can pray alone, with a friend or gather your family together.  Whatever works best for you.

The point is to pray!

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