Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program is an initiative of Bon Air Baptist Church that began in 2008.  The purpose is to educate and develop young adults to become people of influence within our church and in our larger community.  At Bon Air Baptist we believe and value the voice of the Holy Spirit in all generations.  It is therefore paramount for us to have people with various perspectives, ethnicities and ages influencing, serving and leading at the deepest levels of our organization.

The Emerging Leaders Program pairs young adults (people in thier 20's and 30's) with a mentor (generally older than 20's and 30's).  The emerging leader and the mentor develop a organic relationship with the purpose of investing into the life of the young-adult, servant-leader.  Some leaders and mentors meet weekly over coffee, some call by phone on an as needed basis, and some skype as they are travelling with thier professions around the world.  Each friendship is specific to the people in that relationship.  But one thing is certain, valuable relationships blossom when the people of Jesus work together.

Once a month, a group of emerging leaders and mentors gather together to learn and to discuss.  From trends in culture, to case studies in church politics, a wide spectrum of topics is digested in the 9 month program.  The program concludes with each leader presenting a plan forward for leadership, service and influence in our community.  Some of our emerging leaders start new ministries, some jump right into formal ministry and organization teams, while others start new campus and develop new expressions of the Kingdom right from scratch. 

I am proud to be a part of a church and community that values the voice of God in all people, regardless of age and experience.  I believe that we are lucky to have a spiritual cilmate that is open to the influence of new leaders.  And I believe that God is calling us and leading us forward.

For more info on this program or our ministry to young adults, email me at Jake.Maxwell@bonairbaptist.org

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