Matt Buckley

  • Positions Past/Present:
    • Governance Study Team Lead
    • Ministry Coordination Group - Member and Strategic Planning Team Lead
    • Student Ministry - Fusion (Wednesday Nights)
    • Stewardship Education Team - Team Lead
  • Calling/Interest to Serve on Church Council:
    "Both in professional pursuits and in volunteer activities, I enjoy opportunities to think strategically and solve complex problems, particularly in team leadership environments. Also, as part of the BABC Governance Study Team which resulted in the formation of the BABC Church Council, I feel that I can assist in providing perspective and be a resource in collaborating with the other Church Council members. I believe that the Church Council leadership approach and the related development of a strong leadership culture within teams at BABC is important to enable us individually and as a church to maximize our time, energy, and resources on God’s plan, the Great Commission, and showing love to others outside of our church by meeting their needs and building deep relationships.
  • Opportunities for BABC: 
    "In an environment where it will be more common for folks to not have a church-based family background, we have an opportunity to figure out how we as a church can be increasingly relevant and impactful to the communities we serve. In thinking about the vision to be 'A Place To Belong… A Place To Become,' I think of it as meeting people where they are in their spiritual journey and helping to meet their needs along the way just as others have done the same for us. We do this because God wants us to love others and meet their needs as a reflection of His unconditional love."

Terry Judge

  • Positions Past/Present:
  • Member Mobilization Co-Coordinator
  • Worship Leader in the Gathering Band
  • Transition Team Member
  • Children’s Preschool Volunteer
  • Calling/Interest to Serve on Church Council:
    "I believe I have Bon Air Baptist Church’s best interest in mind and heart. I have the ability to see things objectively and from a macro and micro perspective. I am happy to serve the church, and God, in any way that I am capable to do so. I love our church very much and would be honored to serve in this role."
  • Opportunities for BABC:
    "I think a couple of our greatest opportunities at Bon Air Baptist Church are 1) our youth, and 2) getting our members and longtime attendees (who are not members) more involved at Bon Air Baptist Church. Growing a strong youth following is vital to the strength and future of our church. If our youth are engaged, they will grow in their faith and bring their family and friends which will help to keep our church thriving. Getting involved with different things throughout the church has been a wonderful experience for me. Whether it’s joining a Bible study class, a small group, or just getting plugged in to volunteer with something at Bon Air Baptist (one time, a few times, or even on a regular basis). The more involved you get, the more of a family the church becomes, and the more you will grow in your faith. Like the saying goes: you get out what you put in."
  • Erica Schulman