1. thumbnail Disciple Now 2016 Who: All students … Read more »
  2. thumbnail Upwards Soccer Welcome to Upwards Soccer 2016 with … Read more »
  3. thumbnail Sky Zone Fun Day Kids (Kindergarten - 5th grade) join us for an afternoon of fun at SkyZone on Sunday, February 28. Bring a bagged lunch and meet in the café to eat before taking a bus over to SkyZone. We will… Read more »
  4. thumbnail Contemplative Spiritual Practices for HS Students High school students join us for a three week series on Sunday evenings in the student area with our own Alix Miller who will teach you different practices to grow your spiritual life. … Read more »
  5. thumbnail Joy of Belonging @ the village Discover and catch the vision of Bon Air Baptist Church through this one hour membership and information class. … Read more »
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