Toronto Mission Trip

Toronto Mission Trip
April 1st, 2018- April 7, 2018

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The Toronto Mission Trip will center our learning around mission as a family unit.
We will work in Toronto with 3 organizations:
1.Christian Horizons: This is an organization that works with people with disabilities. We will be partnering with them in various ways. Some of these include serving their clients, working in neighborhoods, and learning how to work with people in our own communities that have disabilities.

 2. Dixon Ministries: This ministry has focused on work with refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and beyond for the past 20 years. They have helped through sponsorship, teaching English, family connection. and resource connections. In 2012, there was a massive influx of Somalian refugees. Now, Toronto hosts the largest population ( 50,000) of Somali people outside of Somalia. We will match each family with a family in this group. We will go to their apartments and community to spend time with them. This will help them with the English language. We will share our stories and work with the ministry in the neighborhood.

 3. South Asian Welcome Center: This organization serves the community by addressing their mental health, social needs, and quality of life needs. They do this in a culturally competent and culturally sensitive, holistic and integrated environment. They believe that with the right tools and opportunities, people can make choices that lead to meaningful lives. We will focus on their Know Your Neighbor Program. They will talk to us about the neighbors that have different religions than us, In Toronto, we will focus on Hinduism.

This trip is designed to help us answer the question:
"What is our family mission?" 

What is considered a "family" for this trip?
Husband and wife
Parent and child*
Grandparent and child*
Legal guardian and child*

*Child: Anyone 18 and younger. 18-year-olds are not permitted to attend without their parent, grandparent, or legal guardian.

Resources for Learning to Do Missions as a Family

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  3. How To Disciple Children (Even When They Resist Gospel-Centered Living)

  4. 3 Reasons To Involve Children in Missional Communities

  5. Discipling the Next Generation

  6. How To Make Ministry “Normal” For Your Kids



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