1. thumbnail Middle School Retreat Looking for a weekend that is designed for middle school students? Looking for a weekend where students from all over Virginia come together to worship God? Looking for a weekend of big games,… Read more »
  2. thumbnail GHANA -- Muss is Coming! Muss is Coming! October 14 @ 6:15 pm, Buford Road Campus, Commons … Read more »
  3. thumbnail Worship We gather together each week, as imperfect people to tell the story of God's perfect love for the world. This is what we call, "worship." … Read more »
  4. thumbnail Women's Study, "Cold Tangerines" On Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 7 p.m., a group of women will begin a study of "Cold Tangerines." … Read more »
  5. thumbnail Organ Transplant Our organ is headed to Biltmore Baptist Church. We will gather to worship and celebrate with God's instrument on Sunday, November 1 at 5pm in our Village Worship Center. Come and sing and meet… Read more »
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