1. thumbnail Mission: Standing Rock Focus: National Mission Trip for High School students, grades 9-12, and their families. This year our high school students will be traveling to South Dakota and North Dakota to serve in a Native… Read more »
  2. thumbnail Contemplative Practices for Everyday Christians This 3 week series will explore quiet, simple ways that we can strengthen our spiritual lives and our connection with Jesus. … Read more »
  3. thumbnail Summer Exercise Join us for Saturday morning workouts and exercise this summer. 8:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. Meet in our village cafe. Come jumpstart your weekend with community, energy and accomplishment! … Read more »
  4. thumbnail Worship We gather together each week, as imperfect people to tell the story of God's perfect love for the world. This is what we call, "worship." … Read more »
  5. thumbnail Spiritual Gifts Seminar Do you know your spiritual gifts? The Bible indicates that each person is created uniquely by God, and that each person is given gifts that have a special purpose in the body of Christ. … Read more »
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