Village Vision

Bon Air Baptist Church (BABC) has a rich history of mission and ministry in Richmond, VA. With God’s help, we've grown in size, influence, and complexity.
@ the village, we replicate the best of BABC to achieve our mission:
increasing numbers of transformed lives... emphasizing young and unchurched people.
Our guiding principles at the campus level are to be simple and serve. We live simple, Christ-like lives. We serve our neighbors.
  • Member Mobilization – we expect members of the body to serve.
  • Mission Mindset – we will serve outside the walls of the church.
  • Mature Members – we provide multiple venues for spiritual development.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere – a hip, wifi café for first-time church attendees.
With God's help, our campus goals are:
  • Fill the sanctuary
  • Offer a second worship service
  • Be self-sufficient / offerings exceed expenses
How do we measure success?
  • We will provide multiple, continuous channels for feedback.
  • We will conduct a formal campus survey every 6 months.
  • We will evaluate using church-approved metrics.

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