A Place to Serve

A Place to Serve @ the village

Find your place to serve here.  Below is a list of ministry teams.  Each of our teams are led and served by volunteers.  We would love to have you serve with one of our teams!  To connect with a specific team or for additional help, email village@bonairbaptist.org or call 272.1475.

Team and Description (# of team members needed) Current Leader
Adult Group Team (10 or as needed) Jake Maxwell
These are our class teachers, co-teachers, group facilitators and leaders for Sunday morning classes, mid-week groups, groups for men or for women.  
Baptism Team (4) Gail and Ron Clevenger
Help coordinate Baptism during worship @ the village.  
Cafe, Bon Books and Brew Team (10) Joyce Fields
Prepare and serve coffee and other refreshments. Welcome guests and village people.  
Care Deacon Team (as needed) Barry Light
Care for those in need including hospital visits, prayer and protecting the unity of our church.  
Children's Ministry (70 total 1 hour shifts) Emily Purdum
Love and serve families by caring for and helping teach our children. Once a week, once a month, or even “as needed.” This team will provide incredible care and ministry with our young ones (preschool through 5th grade).  
Choir (10) Jessica Fox
Participate in worship and special services through singing. Rehearsals as needed on Tuesday nights.  
Communication Team (4) Ann and David Hogge
Use various media to tell our village story and engage the community in dialogue.  
Communion Team (6) Donna Krueger
Prepare communion to be served on the 1st Sunday of each month.  
Community Partner Team (4) open
Coordinate efforts with local organizations and non-profits to deepen our network and influence in our local community.  
Finance Team (6) Steve Law and Jan McNee
Assist in the process of building and managing village budgets to ensure the stewardship and faithfulness of our campus.  
Joy of Belonging Team (4) open
Coordinate and teach our membership class 3 times per year (Fall, Spring, Summer).  
Kitchen Team (4) open
Help coordinate regular fellowship events and ensure the safety, cleanliness and effectiveness of our kitchen.  
Landscaping Team (10) Janet Williams
Develop and maintain the beauty of our flower property.  
Offering Team (8) Gary Wilmouth
Sort, secure and transport the weekly offering during worship.  
Property and Grounds Team (6) Travis Gallahan
Maintain, plan and assist in ensuring the excellence and safety of our campus facilities.  
Student Ministry (10) Rusty Lee
Serve students and families in our Student Ministry.  
Tech Team (6) Justin Bultman
Assist in delivery of all things audio and visual during our weekly worship and other special events. No experience necessary.  
University of Richmond Team (4) open
Deepen the relationship between our campus and University of Richmond students, faculty and other organizations.  
Welcome Team (15) Kathy Haigler
Welcome all guests and village people to our campus on Sunday mornings and other special events.  
Worship Arts Team (4) open
Use visual arts and decorations to enhance the worship experience and setting at our campus.  


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