In September 2014, Bon Air Baptist @ the village is excited to begin a new relationship with our friends at Richmond Autism Integration Network (or RAIN for short).  RAIN is a fantastic organization in Richmond's West End that serves children, students and families who deal with life on the Autistic spectrum of learning disabilities.  Check them out at the website (richmondautism.org)  or on their Facebook page (here).

RAIN will host after-school, home-school, summer camps and other fantastic programming in our community building @ the village.  RAIN will help us become a more inclusive community for an under-served people group in our culture.  And for that opportunity, I am terribly excited.

There will be more opportunities for you to get to know RAIN, but my hope is that we would develop a mutually beneficial, Kingdom of God relationship with RAIN.

I would like to thank Darie Lee, Emily Purdum and Robin Davis (Founder and Executive Director of RAIN) for the great work and vision in making this happen.

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