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Village People,

The majority of our lives is not spent in the crescendo, the super bowl, the wedding day... the big moments.  I understand this may be obvious.  Yet even in the life and ministry of Jesus, the overwhelming majority was quiet and simple.

Have you ever been on the trip of a lifetime (Italy for example), or had an incredible experience (birth of a child for example), and then had a difficult time trying to communicate the experience to others? It's like words fall short.  Have you ever used the phrase, "I guess you just had to be there..."  

I think this is because we are designed to live in the day to day.  Our words and language are good in expressing the day to day.  But these big moments of life have a transcendent quality to them.  

God is in the transcendent moments.  God is transcendent, and beyond us.  These "big" experiences are good.  Yet I also believe that God is equally in the mundane.  Easter is so beautiful-- God seems so close.  Yet Monday mornings come with surprising regularity. 

Let us follow Christ as much in the Mondays of life.  

God, as we go this week, help us to live simple, Christ like lives and serve our neighbors. 

Jake Maxwell

Campus Pastor


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