Village Weekly Happenings

Happy Thusday Village People,

Late this summer, I would like us to consider a new model for serving at our campus.  This new model would include an annual commitment to a ministry area, it would refresh each August.  I am calling this our "chart."  As a community we would
make a year long commitment to each other to serve in an area.

As we serve, we join in with Christ who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  And although we do not have to be passionate about the area in which we serve, we do serve "with a joyful heart" (Deut 28:47) knowing that our service is ultimately in honor of Christ our King.

These are the key areas (and numbers of people) in which we would ask our Village People to serve:

  • Communion (Leader + 2)
  • Greeters (Leaders + 4)
  • Kid's Ministry (Emily Purdum +16)
  • Offering (Leader + 16)
  • Student Ministry (Minister + 2)
  • Bible Study / Small Group (Leaders vary)
  • Tech Team (Jessica Fox + 4)
  • Worship Team (Jessica Fox + variable)
  • Serve Like Jesus (Deacons + any)

Maybe you've been in an area for the last few years and would like to try a new area.  I hope you will consider this as a fresh opportunity to consider serving and to commit to ministry with Christ and our church.  More to come.

God, as we go this week, help us to live simple, Christ like lives and serve our neighbors. 

Jake Maxwell

Campus Pastor



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