Village Weekly Happenings

Happy Thursday Village People,

I think that faith is better understood through seasons instead of continual progress.  Jesus- speaking to farmers- used the metaphor of growing, pruning and fruit bearing (John 15).  Each season has a purpose.

What season are you in, and what might God have for you during this season?
What season is our community in, and what might God have for us during this time?

As many families return to school, this fall could be a season of new disciplines.  The ecological season of fall often prepares us for loss and rest preparing for winter.  Ironically, my family is in a season of growth (and thanks be to God)!

In our culture and our church calendar, fall is often a time where we begin.  The Emotionally Healthy Relationships course (below) is an example among others.

God, as we go this week, help us to live simple, Christ like lives and serve our neighbors. 
Jake Maxwell
Campus Pastor

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