Village Weekly Happening

Happy Thursday Village People,
Beginning this week, our friend in Christ, Marybeth Bradshaw will officially begin serving as our Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator.  Please join me in welcoming her, praying for her and congratulating her!  Marybeth recently finished an undergraduate degree in education from Regent University.  We are blessed to have her serving with our kiddos and families.
On Sunday afternoon, December 31 (around 5pm) our friends from Myanmar will celebrate a service of baptism in our Worship Center.  Awesome!  Please continue to join me in welcoming this group to our facility.  If you have a specific interest in building a relationship with these new friends, please let me know.
As we turn to the new year, our church will take a look at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-12.  This is a powerful and poetic portion of Jesus' teaching.  During this season, I would like to encourage our campus to consider spending as much time as possible with Matthew chapters 5-7, "the Sermon on the Mount."  Many scholars cite this section as the center of Jesus' teaching.  Starting this weekend, I will begin to read through this scripture during my personal devotional time, and I plan to stay there until lent begins at Ash Wednesday on February 14.  I invite you to consider the same.
God, as we go this week, help us to live simple, Christ-like lives and serve our neighbors. 
Jake Maxwell
Campus Pastor

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