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Happy Thursday Village People,


There is no place for racism and white supremacy in the Kingdom of God.  These practices on an individual and systematic level are sinful, destructive and contrary to the heart of God.  I am confident that you believe this to be true, but I wanted you to hear it directly from me as well.  We are not red or blue or tall or short or anything but one in Christ Jesus our Lord (Galatians 3:28 paraphrase).


I had the privileged to attend the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast this week with our BABC pastors.  We joined with those praying for all our public leadership.  We also had the distinct privileged to hear a word of encouragement and challenge from Rev. Eric Manning, pastor of "Mother Emmanuel" AME Church in Charleston, SC. This church is a beacon for living the forgiveness of Jesus as well as nonviolence as a path towards reconciliation.  I was moved by his example and his hope.


On Monday, as a country, we pause to remember our brother in Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr.  We celebrate his ministry and influence, and yet we lament his death and the enormity of work remaining in order to truly be "one in Christ."  I encourage you this weekend to take a moment to read one of Dr. King's letters (here) or catch one of his sermons online (here).

We pray for the peace of Christ to reign on earth and to God be the glory.

Jake Maxwell

Campus Pastor



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