Village Weekly Happenings

Happy Thursday Village People,


In an effort to communicate clearly and consistently, we are shifting the name of our campus to: Bon Air Baptist Church - The Village Campus.


For the most part, this will not be much of a change.  We are still in the village area of Richmond, and we are still the Village People of Bon Air Baptist Church!  This shift has better structure with all of the campuses of our church, James River, Buford Road and even future campuses.


We will still use the "@" in describing some of our happenings, however you will see the name updated on our website, facebook, marque sign and other communications.


More importantly, it's helpful to remember that we do not "go to church."  This is one of the reasons why I love the term "campus" that our multi-site model has given us.  The place we gather is campus-  what happens when we gather and serve and walk together in faith is church.  We are the church- we live the church. The Spirit of God uniting people together in the name of Christ is church-- not a building or campus or program.  May God grant us the grace to be the church. 


God, as we go this week, help us live simple, Christ-like lives and serve our neighbors. 

Jake Maxwell

Campus Pastor




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