Village Weekly Happenings

Happy Thursday Village People,


In August of 2017, the BABC Personnel Team gave preliminary approval for me to receive time for a sabbatical. This week the Personnel Team gave further support for a plan for this sabbatical to take place during summer 2018.


Our Village Team is working hard to solidify our ministry calendar including Upward Soccer this spring, trips to Haiti in June and August, VBS in July, Passport mission camp with our student ministry, RAIN summer camp and wow...  


Soon, Allison and I will identify 6 weeks during the summer to be on sabbatical.  During this time I hope to emphasize personal matters such as spiritual renewal, Eva-time, running, biking, and our 8th wedding anniversary.  


Professionally, one of the largest tasks before me during this time will be to continue researching and writing about the connection of our faith in Christ and the care of our bodies. As you know, I believe that because of the incarnation and resurrection of Christ, I believe that the growth and care of our mind, spirit and soul is necessarily inseparable from the care of our bodies.  And as I have presented in previous "Luke-Warm" topics, I find this to be one of the most missing facets of contemporary, Western Christianity.


I am so thankful for this upcoming opportunity. Many ministers never have this opportunity.  On average, ministers only stay/last for less than 3 years in their first ministry position.  To be clear, I believe that the largest factor in my tenure with BABC is not my accomplishment, but rather a combination of you and God's grace.  You indeed are a faithful church. And thanks be to God!


We will need your help during this sabbatical.  This impacts our community in many ways.  I am working on a plan that includes extra help from our Village pastoral staff, our larger BABC staff and you- the Village People- to ensure the health and effectiveness of our ministry during this time.  As this process progresses, I will keep you informed and ask for your support.


God, as we go this week, help us live simple, Christ-like lives and serve our neighbors. 

Jake Maxwell

Campus Pastor


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